About me

In today's world of online dating, most people want to know why I reviewed dating sites. After all, every online dating website claims to have a perfect system that will guarantee success for its members. While some of these websites are just trying to capitalize on a growing interest in online dating, others are true to their promises and help thousands of singles find the special someone they have been looking for. My name is Henry and I don’t like online dating services. Dating websites that cater to older members tend to be more reliable than those that specialize in the younger set. You should always try and find an internet dating site that is focused on older adults. These types of sites will have the best profiles and users will most likely use them on a regular basis. You also want to find a reputable site that gives you free member's gifts with the purchase of a membership. A lot of people enjoy being able to send thank you notes to people they meet online and these gift cards can help make these exchanges a bit more personal and memorable. For me, a couple of months on a free dating membership sounds like a lot better than paying a full-time membership fee for one year or more.

How it started

Some dating websites allow online photography but I would steer clear of these websites since most people would rather meet offline. The best sites will offer photographic proof of your picture and personal information. This means you can present your online photo in front of other people can create a personal profile in front of you. If you don't have photographic proof, you can always upload your photo to a gallery and include a description of your personality and what you look like.

My goal

Once you have done all of the above research, you will now want to decide whether you will become an Internet Dating member. Just because you have a membership doesn't mean you need one. It just means you need to do your part and take the extra steps needed to enhance your online dating experience.

Henry Gibbs

Main Editor