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3.5 / 5.0
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WE CAN recommend this service!

You can start the game on the website or download the mobile application. Click on the big “Play” button to start the game. A welcome comic strip with gay men and a plot start awaits you. It will be convenient for beginners to start playing because all you need to do is click on the buttons to continue the slideshow. And you don't have to pay to use this game.


  • Interesting comic-based gay game
  • Sexy cartoon heroes
  • Lots of gameplay features and levels
  • Free to plays


  • Static gameplay without animation
  • Sex battles do not involve erotic animation
  • The same soundtrack on every level
Category: Adult Games
Gender: For Gays
Our Rating: 8.9
User’s Rating: 9.0
Users Online: 1234
Gender distribution % Male 50 / Female 50
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How to Start Playing the Gay Harem?

Follow the tips that the game gives you; there is nothing difficult here. You will be watching the comics and will be able to take an interactive part in certain moments. The story is written in advance, but you can influence certain aspects and game sessions.

How to Login to GayHarem?

You might get a little confused at the Gay Harem screens at first. Click on the “Login” button. Here you need to come up with your nickname, enter your mail, and come up with a password. But this is not the only option that I want to talk about in this Gayharem game review.

Gay Harem logining

Beginners can start the game without a login. After 5-10 minutes, the game will automatically prompt you to create an account to access the arena and various story missions. The choice is yours.

Gay Harem Interface

The game interface resembles browser click-to-win strategies. All information is in the upper right corner. Just click on the button, and you can go to the required section. The interface is convenient in that all locations are displayed on the main screen, and you will not miss the desired button.

In most cases, the interface will be easy for you to understand. The game resembles a slide show where you can't go wrong with the sequence of actions. Sometimes the interface resembles a Pachinko slot, which is especially interesting if you are a gambling fan.

The interface is a lot like drawn comics and Manga. Fans of graphic novels will find it easy to understand the interface since there are all the necessary elements that you could meet in ordinary comics.

Gay Harem Plot and Navigation

The game does not have any complex plot. This is a set of sketches and mini-missions where you have to spend your energy and money on certain actions. Typically, each mission ends with sex with a character and adding a new character to your harem.

main menu on the game

But you should be aware of one important plot feature in this Gay Harem review. The main character ate an apple, which greatly increased his potency and love power. Now men want to become his lovers. So, let's move on to navigation so you can better understand the gameplay.


If you start playing the Gay Harem game, this place will be the base where you can see all your guys. The harem allows you to interact with them and find out any information regarding each character. It is very comfortable. Plus, you can collect money from each guy and top up your game balance. Collect as many guys as possible so that your harem brings you tangible income.

harem in Gay Harem

Activities board

This is an important Gayharem part, as the activities board allows you to view the list of available missions to complete. You can also see all current contests here and take part. If you cope with all the tasks, you will get experience points and can improve any game parameter. Also, gamers can use this board to earn extra money and various items. All of this adds variety to the gameplay.


My Gay Harem game review would be incomplete without market information. Here you can improve the characteristics of your characters, sell and buy various items. There are four shops where in-game items are sold that affect the equipment of your harem members, their strength, and endurance. 

market in Gay Harem

If you have a few extra items, then you can easily exchange with other players and get tangible benefits. This is especially true for those who spend a lot of time in the game.


The Gayharem browser game offers users clubs as a place to interact with other users. As soon as more than 15 characters appear in your harem, you will automatically get access to this section of the game. A dedicated online chat will allow you to ask the community questions and get answers. This is especially true if you are stuck on a chapter and don't know what to do.


The arena is a battlefield. Each player can challenge another harem. You will have the opportunity to choose one of three opponents and start the battle. The winner is guaranteed to receive bonuses and gifts. Special rewards are given to users every four victories over the enemy. The arena allows not only to fight but also to see what kind of harem another person has. This is quite funny since each user can approach their characters' wardrobe differently.

Tower of Fame

This section is especially useful for those who want to follow the leaderboard. This is a kind of motivation to play more and get new experience points. Also, the Tower of Fame allows you to find the clubs you want to join. Read all the terms and conditions and see how quickly you can fulfill each requirement to join the community you like.


Regardless of the Gayharem mobile or desktop version, you can go on adventures thanks to this section. Players will find new stories, mini-plots, and adventures to find guys and treasures. The adventures section allows you to get new story missions and gifts for completing tasks.

adventures in Gay Harem

My Final thoughts on Hentai Heroes

Overall, this is a decent site that offers several types of erotic games. I was even able to download the Gayharem app to test it on my smartphone. The mobile app was less convenient than the online game, but it's still not bad. There are not many games that can meet the needs of a niche audience, and Hentai Heroes has managed to do just that. If you love gay themes and erotic comics, then this will be interesting for you.

I would like to see a lot of musical variety since the main soundtrack is almost always played, and it's a little annoying. Also, this game is more suitable for those who love comics. If you expect to see the animation or any other interesting elements here, then I will disappoint you. Nevertheless, it is still an interesting game for Manga and Hentai lovers.

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3.9 / 5.0
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Overall Rating

3.5 / 5.0
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Is Gay Harem free? Yes, it is a free game. Any adult person can play it without any restriction.
Gay Harem how to spend energy? Spending energy is a part of the few in-game contests.
Gay Harem how to get dark lords last guy? Dark Lord is locked to level 3 until completion of the scroll "Fight the evil troll" will be done.
How to do champions in gay harem? You cannot create champions yourself. Fight them as soon as you obtain 10 guys and will finish the scroll "Evil laboratory."