Real Adult Sex Game Review

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4.4 / 5.0
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Real Adult Sex Game Review
[2021 Update]


WE CAN recommend this service!


  • Good graphics
  • Click to win gameplay
  • Regular video updates


  • Lots of ads
  • Only a few 3D games
  • Poor website optimization
Category: XXX Games
Gender: All
Our Rating: 4.4/5.0
Users Rating: 4.5/5.0
Active Users: 1234
Gender distribution % Male 50 / Female 50
Payment methods
Bank Cards, Paypal

How to start RealAdultSexGame?

If you are a fan of 3D porn, you have probably heard about RealAdultSexGame. This is a mix of a sex game and a simulator, where you have to choose female characters and different scenarios to get aesthetic pleasure. Click on the "Play Now" button to start the show.

realadultsexgame main page

You will then have six steps before the show starts. Players can choose three locations at the start to experience the possibilities of the game. Choose the girl you like the most. You even get customization options.

As soon as you are satisfied with all the settings, the game will offer verification. Enter all the data you need and click on the "Continue" button. The next step is to enter bank data. This is required in order to get free access to RealAdultSexGame.

payment methods

After the routine, you can finally move on to the gameplay. Your goal is sex. Forget about plot, dialogue, or other quirks. Here you will find animated models of female and male bodies. This is why many people choose konto RealAdultSexGame.

RealAdultSexGame Feature

So, it's time to talk about the features of this game. First of all, this is the opportunity to enjoy watching sexual intercourse. It is worth noting that the developers have developed a realistic engine, and the textures imitate human skin. All scenes and locations look good, although you can catch a certain cyclicality and monotony of actions.

When you agree to free acess to RealAdultSexGame, you can also watch XXX videos and animated porn comics. The library is quite large and contains more than five thousand clips, which are divided into categories. It will take you several years to see all this. But let's get back to the game.

How Unique Is The Real Adult Sex Game

I cannot say that this game is unique. Users can customize the sex models, although this is more of a minor addition to the core gameplay. Although I lacked the original locations and the ability to create the model I want, the game is done well.

game menu

In general, the Real Adult Sex Game is a 3D game that is quite interesting and will appeal to fans of erotic content. The creators decided to realize all the most popular male fantasies and created locations that you could see in adult films. Even though this is an interesting game, I cannot call it unique.

One of the positive aspects is that the developers have recently created a new algorithm for how facial animation works. Now sex characters do not seem like ordinary dolls and partially react to everything around them. One of the handy features is the choice of scene and angle. This allows you to take a closer look at all the interesting moments of the Xgame.

The real deal for porn games

When I started writing this Real Adult Sex Game review, I thought I would see real trash. Fortunately, my fears did not materialize. This game is made for fans of beautiful female bodies. A small tutorial at the beginning is a good solution. I missed the big details and any demo version, but that's enough as an introduction. I'm glad the Real Adult Sex Game scam messages turned out to be false. Here you can get aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of naked ladies who are ready to play with you as much as you like.

The bonuses to boot

The game does not offer any exclusive erotic features or gameplay bonuses. As I said earlier, you can watch porn videos. The library is conveniently organized into sections and genres. I took a close look at the 3D category. In general, this is a good alternative to the main gameplay since you still have no way to influence intercourse between characters.

example of experiment with the models

The only thing you need to know is that all bonuses are available only after subscribing. Initially, access to this section is closed. If you are ready for a monthly subscription, this will allow you not to worry that you will lose access to the contemplation of naked beauties.

The video library is updated every week. I think that's enough for a site like this, although many XXX films are pretty monotonous. However, there are many interesting features in the form of fetishes and BDSM videos.

Diversity of the online flash game

Now let's talk about the nuances that await you if you decide to play this Xgame. There are single-mode and online co-op. You can also join another player and assign roles. But I chose the single option, as it makes more sense for me. The game uses Flash technology, which guarantees beautiful graphics and smooth animation.

But I would recommend that you often change the characters' locations and sex because you can get bored after 5-10 minutes. The nicest option is the ability to change the proportions of female characters. This will come as a surprise to you. Of course, there is no advanced appearance editor here, but the basic functions can also be interesting for undemanding users.

What's the final opinion on the Real Adult Sex Game review?

Let's summarize. This game is suitable for those who are tired of porn and want variety. I would like to point out the good graphics and animation, although some of the models' movements are a little monotonous. You will have several game scenarios and character customization. On the one hand, this is a plus, although I did not see any really advanced options for creating a doll of my dreams.

The free test mode is a plus, although it is not entirely clear to me why I have to enter my card details. The creators of the game could choose a more suitable format to attract the audience. I also think that a block of videos is a good alternative if you are tired of playing. But I would like to see more 2D graphics and fewer hand-drawn characters.

However, I cannot decide for you. You can try the test mode and form your own opinion. I can only say that this Xgame is worth your attention. It was interesting for me to play. There are a few technically advanced features like facial animation and a range of visual effects. Overall, this might be interesting for porn fans.

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Overall Rating

4.4 / 5.0
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How do you download RealAdultSexGame? This is a browser game. You cannot download this to your PC.
How can you create an account on RealAdultSexGame? You will see the verification section as soon as you start the game. Just follow the instructions.
How can you play the Real Adult Sex Game? Go to the site and click on the "Start" button. Next, you have to choose some settings and a sex scenario.
Is RealAdultSexGame free? You can count on a free trial period. But after it expires, you will have to make a monthly payment.
How can you play Real Adult Sex Game without a credit card? Unfortunately, you have no alternative. You will have to provide your bank card details.