Sex Emulator Review

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Sex Emulator Game Review
[2021 Update]


WE CAN recommend this service!


  • High-level graphics
  • Lots of girls
  • Realistic graphics
  • 400+ XXX games


  • Paid subscription
  • Short trial period
  • Lots of ads
  • The interface isn't very comfortable
Category: XXX Games
Gender: All
Our Rating: 4.2/5.0
Users Rating: 4.5/5.0
Active Users: 1234
Gender distribution % Male 50 / Female 50
Payment methods
Bank Cards, Paypal

Sex Emulator Gameplay and Interface

Many gamers don't mind watching XXX videos from time to time. But what if play and erotic fantasies are combined into one whole? As a result, you get the Sex Emulator game. And this is not even one game. You have the opportunity to try over 400 games. But first, you have to play with your first girlfriend. Choose the intensity and character format. The test game assumes a random girl and a selection of celebrities.

creating profil step 1

Once you agree with the settings, you can go online. Here you have settings for characters and backgrounds. Gamers can access different camera angles, zoom, and controller to switch between the girl's most intimate areas. You will also have a scale for the intensity of your doll's behavior and a set of actions that you can do.

Until you subscribe, you have a limited set of entertainment options. The gameplay's essence is that the girl caresses her erogenous zones, and you can enjoy this sight. Each user can switch between interface settings and change the girl in real-time. For example, you are tired and want to see something different. Then you can easily change your eye, hair color, or even your physique. The editor allows you to enlarge the hips, chest and lengthen the legs of the model.

creating profil step 2

There is also realistic behavior of the female body. If your model is dancing, turning to the sides, or bouncing, then the body's chest and other parts will realistically respond to any action. Also, the developers paid attention to facial animation and mini-images. All this contributes to immersion in the intimate process and interaction with the doll.

What kinds of games are on SexEmulator?

Now let me tell you about your options. There are three main sections here, but there are many more games. You have 400 games to choose from that are a bit similar in terms of the game's specifics but offer different approaches to character creation, scenario, and background. I'm going to focus on each of the three types so you can make the right choice.

Sex Simulator

The main entertainment that is most popular among the vast majority of gamers on the site is the free Sex Emulator game. This is the first game that you can see during registration. The bottom line is to create a character or choose a ready-made preset for watching a sexy lady. This game features highly realistic graphics. 

games map

Besides, the ladies you have created can comment on everything that happens on the screen. The most interesting moments of the game relate to the use of toys and the choice of actions. Select the intensity mode, and your doll will scream and moan.

Cartoon porn games

This is the second most popular category of games. The main feature is that all character models resemble a cartoon. Here you will see the hero of cartoons, films, and famous personalities. Depending on the game you choose, you can interact with characters and get aesthetic pleasure.

I tested Looney Tunes and about ten other cartoon characters. You have to love hand-drawn porn very much to enjoy these games. But my opinion is subjective. Millions of people around the world buy erotic comics, and this is the norm. In general, this subtype of entertainment is on the site, and you can test it.

Hentai games

Sex Emulator game is not the only entertainment on the site. Fans of manga and hentai can find heroes of popular series on this site. BodyThis is a separate category with hand-drawn characters or 3D models. Naruto is only a fraction of what is available to you. In total, there are over 100 hentai characters and an appearance generator.

Hentai is a whole subspecies, and I could not help but mention the most popular characters. This type of game will allow you to see Oni Chichi, Chichi-iro Toiki, and even Kanojo Ga Nekomimi Ni Kigaetara. This will be a plus for fans of various hentai franchises. But when you get tired of it, you can create your character and watch how they touch each body part on the screen.

Sex Emulator Pricing and Membership Details

I have already said that only a small demo mode is free. When I was preparing this Sex Emulator review, I first got acquainted with one of the dolls and even tested several erotic options. But access to all features, video library, and games costs $20 per month. 

payment mathod

You will have to enter your card details and register if you want to access the test period. But be prepared to be charged a monthly fee until you cancel your subscription. The payment allows you to modify any girl in the games and download videos.

What's the verdict on the Sex Emulator Review?

Let's summarize. Sex Emulator games is a collection of XXX titles that allow you to interact with virtual models. You can fulfill your sexual fantasies and customize the bodies of the characters as you like. I liked that players are not limited to a few parameters and can customize the sex doll in detail.

But full access to all of this entertainment is not free, and you need to understand that. $20 per month is a small fee, but the site will not notify you when the funds are charged. It says that this is only part of the pass to the game. But you indirectly subscribe if you enter the card number and other details.

The site has many adult videos with heroes of different races, movie characters, and even cartoons. The game creators clearly focused on the Star Wars franchise because I saw a huge number of characters from the saga.

The gameplay seemed a bit monotonous to me, but these are my personal quibbles. In general, this is something of a time killer for adults. You can randomly click on the commands, and the girls will take different poses, commenting on everything that happens on the screen. If ordinary XXX videos are no longer interesting for you, you can test this site and find the entertainment you like.

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Overall Rating

4.2 / 5.0
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How to cancel sex emulator account? Go to your profile settings and select the appropriate option.
How do I connect with sex simulator/sex emulator? Go to the site and log in. Then you will be able to connect to the game.
How to play sex emulator free? You can interact with the first model on the site for free, but with some restrictions.
Can you play Sex Emulator with other people? Yes. Sign in to your account and select a mode to play with other people.
How many games are on Sex Emulator? The site has over four hundred XXX games for every taste.
Is SexEmulator safe? This is an anonymous platform where no one knows your identity. The company does not share your data with others.
Can you play Sex Emulator on your phone? Yes. This game is available on all mobile operating systems.