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4.4 / 5.0
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VRFuckDolls Game Review
[2021 Update]


WE CAN recommend this service!


  • Sexy female models
  • Hot & horny content
  • 100+ sex animations


  • The trial version is available only after registering
  • The VR headset is a must
Category: Adult Games
Gender: All
Our Rating: 4.4/5.0
Users Rating: 4.5/5.0
Active Users: 1234
Gender distribution % Male 50 / Female 50
Payment methods
Bank Cards, Paypal

How to start playing VRFuckDolls?

Hello to all connoisseurs of female beauty and nudity. You know what I'm going to tell you about today. So you've decided that regular XXX videos are getting boring, and it's time to try something else. This is an optimal solution as virtual reality is a new level of experience. Start by buying or borrowing a VR headset from a friend. This is necessary in order to feel all the effects that the developers intended. Go to the site and log in.

VRFuckDolls Sign up

I can imagine how you are impatient to see the charming figures of beauties. Moreover, I was personally thrilled to be able to test the XXX details. VRFuckDolls is a joy for those who are crazy about the sight of a naked female body and want to combine erotica and VR. But let's start by registering. The process is divided into nine easy steps.

You will have to provide some personal data, agree to the policy of use and adult content. Also, the game will automatically check your browser version and general compatibility. Besides analyzing your VR headset, you have to pick the level and the doll position for the test round.

I spoke at the beginning about personal data. This is your name, surname, and payment details. The fact is that only the test period is free. A few days after the start, the system will automatically debit money from your account. You should understand this before starting the game.

It should be said that the money will be debited automatically, so get ready to cancel your subscription at any time and delete your payment details. Otherwise, you will have to accept that the money will be automatically transferred, and you will have to use this game for a month or more.

VRFuckDolls Gameplay and Interface

If the payment for using the Xgame does not bother you, then let's move on to the next step. The interface is very simple and user-friendly. You can choose a girl, a game scenario, and various poses. Now let's focus on VRFuckDolls gameplay. You play a male role, and you can pick the baby you want. This is what attracts any man the most as people love the variety of options.

picking the baby

There are several sex scenarios. In fact, this is an interactive movie where you are directly involved. Each completed level will open up more and more skilled mistresses for you. Your possibilities depend only on your fantasies. Experiment and watch the result. You can also toggle all settings and parameters to get the most aesthetic delight.

For example, I can experiment with the models' appearance and set those parameters that suit me best. This is an interesting feature. But you should understand that you cannot create Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston. Anyway, you can experiment with the settings as you wish.

example of experiment with the models

The developers have solved the problem with switching models in an interesting way. You have several submenus to choose the most suitable doll and customize it to your preferences. This is convenient since the interface is configured for virtual reality helmets. You can control the process with the mouse and click on certain icons, or use the gamepad that comes with your virtual reality headset.

Amazing features of the VRFuckdolls adult game

Another feature is the ability to sync the VRFuckDolls game with your headset. The fact is that the browser's picture does not convey even 10% of those feelings that await you when you immerse yourself in a new world. Thanks to the headset, you can turn your head in different directions, zoom in or out of objects. The mouse controls the characters. You can switch poses with one hand and use the other for extra emotion.

amazing feature

And the game developers were able to achieve high realism of sex dolls, making the whole process of the game similar to XXX video. The smoothness of movement and physics of bodies is another feature that contributes to the full immersion in virtual reality.

The developers have created spectacular facial animations that make the interactive parts of the gameplay look great. They have attracted porn actors to voice the models, so the whole gameplay should be as realistic as possible. You may even hear the familiar words and intonations of your favorite actress.

VRFuckDolls Pricing and Membership

Pricing is something I have to mention in this VRFuckDolls review. You can try the virtual reality game for free, but regular sessions will require a monthly subscription. Membership costs $15 per month and provides access to game scenarios, rooms, and girl modifications. The test period will allow you to try just a few rooms and two girls. Payment is charged monthly on the day you start playing.

What Can a VRFuckDolls Membership Give to You?

If you have read other VRFuckDolls reviews, you know that this game is designed to provide users with sexual satisfaction. A subscription is an option for those who fanatically adore game scenarios and XXX games. Any paid subscriber gets a whole library of adult movies. The list of available entertainment is regularly updated, so you can watch new videos and play with extra positions every week.

What's the verdict on this VR Fuck Dolls review?

Many people have heard about VRFuckDolls scam reviews, but this is not true. The title offers you nude content and the ability to interact with the playable characters during the video. This applies to changing poses and locations. The title has one main goal, and that is to bring pleasure to gamers.

example of experiment with the models at nature

I cannot choose for you and say that everyone will like this. You also need to understand that virtual reality requires a high stamina level. You should test your vestibular system before playing. Headaches, dizziness, and nausea are possible consequences of prolonged use of the VR headset.

Sure, $15 can be a high price to pay, but this fee guarantees you access to a large library of erotic content. So, is VRFuckDolls worth it? If you have a VR headset, you should try a test version or register. Feel yourself in virtual reality next to seductive girls. Next, you will decide whether to subscribe for a long period.

Also, you should prepare for the fact that some erotic scenes will be violent towards dolls. If you do not like aggression or BDSM themes, then you should find alternative options for erotic entertainment or use less brutal game options on the site.

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Overall Rating

4.4 / 5.0
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What do you need to run the VR Fuck Dolls game? You need a VR headset and a compatible browser.
Is VRFuckDolls free? No, it’s not. But you can test it for free before paying.
How many games are there on VRFuckDolls? The site now has 40+ VR titles and hundreds of other entertainment and virtual adult films.
How to download VR Fuck Dolls games? You only need a compatible browser and a stable internet connection for this.