Best Military Dating Sites

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    With over 1 000 000 military and civilian singles registered, is among the biggest sites offering a military date or relationship. Owned and operated by Cupid Media, this platform is the niche leader that helps thousands of civilians and military servants find their perfect date, penpal, or friendship. All the matching features developed by the company throughout decades of its existence are used here, including the possibility to review matches at no cost and to use the advanced functions while messaging. The comfortable Android app is another plus. Thousands of success stories published leave no chance for anyone to doubt the reality and reliability of this site.

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    Owned by Premier Dating Network, the can be rightfully placed in a row of the best military dating sites because of the quantity and quality of available profiles, careful anti-scam and anti-fraud approach, guaranteed user privacy and safety maintained. Transparent policies, comfortable menus, no irritating pop-ups or spam emails are the additional benefits every user would appreciate for sure. Existing throughout more than 16 years so far, provides civilians with the opportunity to date real Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps servants. The diverse community includes people from all over the United States willing to find an opportunity to date. Someone wants to meet a brutal military officer, while soldiers might prefer dating a beautiful and caring civilian woman. Everyone can find what they need here.

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    Dating single military men, their admirers, people respecting their service, officers and veterans is possible with, too. This website makes an impression of a simple and topically strict place for all singles actually knowing what they want. Though someone may consider it outdated due to its old-school user interface potentially causing flashbacks to the early 2000s, the set of functions provided by MilitaryFriends is just enough to let military and civilian singles date each other with comfort. The safety and reliability of the site are time-tested: they've been present on the market for almost 20 years by now.

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    The UniformDating community welcomes all the uniformed heroes, including police servants, firefighters, soldiers, Navy, Air Force personnel, medics, air hostesses, etc. Of course, everyone willing to date military singles while being a civilian is allowed to join the platform. The registration procedure is fast and easy, and the community is numerous enough to offer freedom of choice for everyone looking for a date, friendship, serious relationship or even marriage. The advanced matching algorithms and tested security measures spiced with the interface usability and quality of profiles make UniformDating a comfortable dating website. Finding a military date had never been easier!

Best Military Dating Sites [2021 Review] mail page

In this review, you’ll find best military dating sites, and also find answers to most common questions about such platforms, their functioning, special features to take into account when building a relationship with a military girlfriend or boyfriend, and tips to maintain it.

Are There Any Military Sites That Actually Work?

The modern Internet is literally crowded with various dating services. Of course, some of them do not work, and there are those to be used for scam or fraud purposes by their owners. However, working dating sites existing to let you date single military men and women can be found[1] . You only need to know how to do that.

How Do Military Dating Sites Work?

Before we proceed with the short guide to find the most secure platform, there is a thing to discuss with newcomers. It would be great to explain to them how the best military dating sites work.

First of all, you find a specialized website and start the registration (sign-up) procedure. During this fast and easy process, you create and customize your future profile. You add a photo and describe yourself and your perfect partner.

After the registration is over and the profile is filled, you can start searching for that military date of your dream. Some platforms may use particular matchmaking algorithms to offer you the most suitable partners while other websites leave you browsing on your own.

After you found a suitable person’s profile (or some of them), it is possible to start messaging each other in order to explore yourselves better for each other. If you two like what you see and feel online, it is most probably a time to meet each other offline.

That’s how a potential relationship begins. From this point, everything depends on you and your date.

Military Dating Online: How to Choose the Safest Service

Safety is the priority while surfing the web in general, and the rules become even stricter when speaking of choosing a military dating service. Check the website’s policies and security guarantees, anti-scam measures and additional protection layers used before you register there. And of course, always be attentive about people you contact: even the best fraud protection can’t guarantee a 100% safety.

Questions To Ask Before Signing Up for a Military Dating Site

There are three of them:

  • Are you aware of potential issues possible when dating military singles?
  • Do you really want to pass through that?
  • Does staying alone most of the time despite being in a relationship suit you?

In case you answered “Yes” three times, then I’m glad about you. A military date might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

If your answer to the very first question was "No", I suggest you read the following four article chapters attentively. It is always better to be prepared for possible troubles.

Things You Should Know About Dating a Military Man

  • A military man can’t stay with you all the time

You both will definitely want things to be different here, but military service will not allow your significant other you met on one of the best military dating sites to always be there for you.

  • A soldier is straight and open

Communication is a critical relationship aspect, but a military servant most probably won’t start beating around the bush. You should be ready to master an open and maximally straight communication manner.

  • Great stories are what he can tell

Soldier stories are funny to hear. However, a military man's girlfriend should be prepared to listen to some of those again and again, especially during friendly meetings.

  • Your strength will be appreciated

There is a high chance for your military date to be sent for deployment or training. He'll be a lot calmer if he knows you can deal with problems without him. Nevertheless, he also needs to feel that you are always waiting for him to come back home.

How to Deal With a Military Boyfriend

  • You will sacrifice a lot

Here is what I mean: everyone who decides to meet military single and then date them is bound to feel themselves as not their sweetheart’s priority. It is what it is.

  • Stress will become constant

Tough deployments, scary training courses, and lack of connection will make you feel worried. The only thing you can do is learn to control that stress.

  • Loneliness will be your friend

Do you remember that third question you should ask yourself? It wasn’t a joke.

  • You’ll make it through

Sometimes, it will seem that you’ll never be able to handle his job and absence. However, if your military date is your real love, you will deal with everything.

How to Deal With a Military Girlfriend

  • Time flexibility is the key

She can’t plan anything above her service precisely. You only can accept this fact and learn to expand your time frames to give her more room.

  • Be patient about planning your common future

The lack of short-term planning opportunities does not promote developing long-term ones at all. Avoid pushing on her at all costs. Remain calm and patient.

  • Ask for pro tips

Many people are real experts of dating military singles and living with them. Asking a pro for some piece of advice is never bad.

  • Gain some knowledge

She is proud of being part of her military unit. You should learn at least the basic info about her base, rank, and responsibilities.

How Do You Maintain a Military Relationship?

  1. Military first

Accept this one as granted. If your military date receives a call from their commanding officer, there is no option to ignore the orders, even if it is your mom’s birthday or a Christmas Eve.

  1. Commander isn’t the one to blame

Although it might seem to be easy to blame that officer, you shouldn’t do that either aloud or in your thoughts. Military commanders also receive their orders.

  1. Don’t fix. Listen.

When he or she complies about a tough day, the only thing required is your participation. Listen to what is said, but don’t try pitying your date or fixing things as you can.

  1. Rules always apply

A lot of rules will apply for both you and them. It might be required from you to keep control of what you say to your friends or family members, post in social media profiles and other web resources. Make sure you understand all the restrictions. That might be critical for the career of your military date.

Reasons to Find the Best Military Dating Site mail page

Best military dating sites offer large databases of profiles belonging to real people. Top-rated platforms care about every community member’s satisfaction, privacy, and security a lot. That is why they use the latest encryption algorithms to protect that sensitive data, and also to filter scam accounts, fake persons and bots.

How to Be Successful on Best Military Dating Sites?

Just check this review, pick a worthy website, register there, customize your profile and then be who you are. You and your military date will find each other sooner or later!


How do I meet a military man? You can either go offline or online to meet military servants and date them. The latter option is quicker, more comfortable and safe.
Is Military Cupid a good site? Yes, it is a reliable and safe dating platform. It is hard to recommend any website that would be significantly better than to date military singles.
What is the best military dating site? There are a bunch of platforms specially created to help military servants and civilians invite each other for a date. All of those are worthy and have their advantages.
Is there a military dating site? Sure. There are lots of them.
Is dating allowed in the military? Of course. Military servants can date people and have families just like anyone else.
Do military guys want relationships? Yes, they do. Although, building a relationship with a military guy is always connected with certain specialities and limitations you will have to accept.
Can a girlfriend live on a military base? No, an unmarried couple is not allowed to live on a base together except for particular cases when a non-service member is considered as a person caring for a military person’s kids. Consequently, unmarried military guys choose off-base living if they want to live together with their significant others.